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My first foray into speed intervals this time around. There were more than I could capture on the screen. As you can see I had to walk some of the recovery laps. Does that mean my speed goals are too fast? Regardless, that’s done and now I get to go to breakfast with a friend from grad school who I haven’t seen in 3 years. Happy Labor Day!

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After last weekend’s 10k, I needed this run. I didn’t write much about that race because I was too busy playing with that cute puppy all weekend.  I ran the first half far too fast, within seconds of my 5k PR.  I completely crashed on the second half finishing 2 minutes and change slower than this race last year.  I was annoyed, but I’m over it.  They can’t all be my best runs, right?

I slept for 9 solid hours last night.  That was on top of an hour nap on the couch after school.  I guess I was as wiped as I felt.  Considering it was the first week of school and all, I’m pretty proud that I got my ass out of bed for all three of my weekday runs.  I completed all scheduled miles but one because there was an incident with the snooze button yesterday.  I’m okay with it though. I don’t particularly enjoy running in the dark, especially in the early morning so as my weekday runs increase in distance I might be forced to move them to the evenings which is a challenge all in itself.  My classroom has a wall of windows that gets afternoon sun.  We roast in there during this time of year.  I also don’t have an opportunity to go to the bathroom for the last 3 hours of the school day so my water consumption has to be limited. Back to today’s run…while I wasn’t pushing the pace, my splits were fairly consistent.  This was my longest run since May and it felt good. 

A solid 8 mile run to kick off the 3 day weekend, which I will follow up with an appearance at Hop Jam (a beer festival if you couldn’t tell from the name), and a night camping in the mountains.  The last part of that sentence alone would make me really happy.  The rest is just icing on the cake.

P.S. I sat my hot, sweaty self on the couch promptly after I finished running.  That is where my cat chose to put himself.

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Vermont Stands Up for Education

It was pretty awesome to read this article during the first week of school.  Proud to be a Vermont teacher.

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First full student day (only first graders came yesterday with parents for a brief time). That definitely deserves some awesome socks.
3 miles-33:30

Now, a shower then off to build an incredible community of learners.

Here we go.

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Salad: napa cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil, fire oil (sesame seeds, lime, and cilantro would have been nice in here, but I didn’t have them)

Beet and feta frittata with a couple of shredded broccoli stems (bc why not?) thrown in for the win.

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All I ever really wanted in life was a photo with both feet off the ground.

Before I started running, my legs were the one part of my body that may have been considered slim. Now, my thighs have gotten kind of massive. I don’t hate them. They are strong work horses and have taken me places I never ever even dreamed I could go. It’s just different.

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I don’t have any pictures from the race this morning.  Would you when you had this cuteness in tow?  The race was meh.  Not my best, not my worst.  I forgot to look at the results. A friend came and hung out with him at the finish while I ran.  Apparently he played with everyone!  When I got him back he laid down and slept in the grass.  We hung out like that for awhile before hitting a perfect for puppy trail.  Not too hard, awesome off leash area, and woods.  I don’t know how far we went.  Maybe 1.5 miles… He’s been happily sleeping in his bed for the past hour.